Enter the void

Technical Specification

22 mm MDF
Available in 8 colors
Integrated handle (no additional handle needed)
Fits all METOD cabinets

With a fascination for black holes and space, Notchi Architects have developed the Void design to honour its' scientific theory. The thoroughly studied slope of the integrated handle generates curiosity within as well as a contrast to the overall minimalistic approach.

NOTCHI ARCHITECTS is a multifaceted architect studio which integrates architecture and visual arts in various scales in different context both public and private. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Notchi is led by Oscar Gillkvist and Carl-Magnus Elander, who work collaboratively with architects, industrial designers, artists and graphic designers. Notchis projects extend from residential housing, interiors, furniture, art projects and exhibitions.

The hole is created using a unique milling tool that provides the smoothest of finishes along the slope. The rear piece is cut out and then screwed on using a metal plate in order to have the same quality of the paint finish in every nook and cranny of the front