A symphony of shadows

Technical Specification

22 mm MDF. Available in 8 colors.
Use our purpose-bulit handle Stripe or push-to-open with this front.
Fits all METOD cabinets

Stripe, created by Notchi Architects, pays homage to functionalisms classic board panel. The carved lines gives the illusion of a kitchen without edges where the different formats of the fronts create a wholistic graphical appearance. The distinct lines also create a shadowplay in different kinds of light. 

NOTCHI ARCHITECTS is a multifaceted architect studio which integrates architecture and visual arts in various scales in different context both public and private. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Notchi is led by Oscar Gillkvist and Carl-Magnus Elander, who work collaboratively with architects, industrial designers, artists and graphic designers. Notchis projects extend from residential housing, interiors, furniture, art projects and exhibitions.

The lines of Stripe are all milled using a five axis CNC-router. Every single line is hand polished and carefully checked before being painted with three layers of color.

Stripe handle is especially designed for this front. The handle lines up smoothly with the pattern of the front, creating a perfect fit. It will be available in two different sizes in the store soon. Meanwhile we suggest to use the push-to-open solution.