Take the edge off

Technical Specification

22 mm MDF
Available in 8 colors
Integrated handle (no additional handle needed)
Fits all METOD cabinets

Radius challange the traditional way of interacting with yourkitchen. A side-orientated position of the integrated handle creates a visual playfulness. The depth of the grip enhances the sillouetteas the shadows appear variously depending on type lightning.

STUDIO STRÖM was founded in 2016 by swedish industrial designer Christian Sjöström and interior architect Elina Bergström. With a holistic approach they develop spatial solutions, furniture and objects meant to be used and experienced over time.

Their process of experimentation with form and material combined with function-driven prototypes leads the duo to create unique designs in which aesthetics and rationality interplay.

Sustainability is at the heart of Radius. The front uses the material to a maximum in order to create as little waste as possible. The edges of the front are designed to work as an integrated handle and only 1 % of the meterial is removed in the process. Because of the 22 mm thickness of the material, Radius provides a quality feel without sacrificing elegance.

When lined up next to each other, Radius create a pattern along the edges sure to catch the attention of any beholder.