How to order

We use IKEAs cabinet system to provide great looking kitchen fronts of highest possible quality. By using the IKEA METOD cabinets and our fronts you will get architect level design for the lowest possible price. We consider IKEAs infrastructure as the perfect foundation for new kitchens because of the amount of options our customer can partake off.  You can use our fronts by completing the following steps:

Measure and plan your kitchen

You can plan your kitchen with the IKEA HOME PLANNER, or you could visit any IKEA store and the someone will help you plan your kitchen.

Be careful when you take measurements of your kitchen since this will affect your entire order

Order your cabinets

After you have decided on a structure for your kitchen you need to order all the cabinets needed for your kitchen. Our fronts are created to fit the newest cabinets from IKEA called METOD. You can order your cabinets pre mounted from IKEA or you can choose to mount them yourself.

You can choose to mount the IKEA cabinets in your kitchen by yourself or you can use a handyman depending on your skill level.

Don’t forget to order inserts and hinges since this is something that De Lukk does not provide.

You can read everything regarding planning, ordering, and mounting of your IKEA cabinets on you local IKEA webpage.

Order your fronts from De Lukk

When you have ordered everything you need from IKEA, its time to order the most important part. Your fronts from De Lukk! 

Simple use the measurements of your IKEA kitchen planning and buy the corresponding sizes of fronts from De Lukk. 

For example: If you have a cabinet with the size of 60 x 80 you can order either 4 x Stripe Grey Pull Out Door with measurements 60 x 20 cm to fill up the entire cabinet. Or you can choose to order 2 x Velodrome Blue Left Hung 60 x 40 cm in order to fill up the cabinet. The choice is yours.

If you want, you can mix fronts of different designs.

For example: You can use The Stripe design on the bottom cabinets and the Clean design on your top cabinets and vice versa.

When you have decided on your what De Lukk fronts you want, simply put them in your cart and proceed to check out.

Get your De Lukk fronts delivered

All of our fronts are made on demand, so as soon as your purchase is complete we will start producing your fronts. When your shipment is dispatched you will be notified by email and we will attach a tracking link.

We will deliver your order within 5 weeks.

Mount your fronts

When your fronts have been delivered it is time to mount them on to your cabinets. Simply use the blueprint created in IKEA home planner or made in the IKEA warehouse to know which fronts go where. To Mount the fronts onto your kitchen, use the hinges and inserts provided by IKEA and mount them on the cabinets in the correct location and then mount the corresponding parts onto the fronts. You can now put you fronts onto your cabinets. If needed you can adjust the hinges vertically and horizontally to get your fronts to fit perfectly next to each other. 

Some fronts have integrated handles for opening and closing, for others you can use whatever handle you would like. You can always get the push to open mechanism if you don’t to mount any handles on your fronts.

Congratulations on you new De Lukk Kitchen!