How does it work?

To get your own de lukk kitchen, simply follow these steps:

1. Plan your kitchen. 

Measure the room where your kitchen is supposed to be, it is importatnt that you are careful when you take measurements since these will be the groundwork for your new kitchen.

2. Plan your kitchen.

Use the IKEA home planner or visit an IKEA store to plan your kitchen, The only thing you absolutley need are the METOD cabinets, but we highly recommend that you buy everything from dishwasher to refrigeratior at IKEA as well, since they have a great selection och kitchen hardware.

3. Order your kitchen.

When you have decided on the general setup of your IKEA kitchen, select the fronts you wish to have from de lukk and we will have them shipped to you within 5 weeks.

You can read more on how to order on our how to order page

Which cabinets from IKEA can i use?

METOD cabinets

Do you offer any other measurements than those pulished on your website?

No, we only produce the measurements published on the site

Can i use De Lukk fronts on other other cabinets than IKEAs frames? 

No, our fronts are specifically desigend to be used for IKEA cabinets

Can i buy ikeas products through you?


What is the thickness of the fronts?

It varies from 21 mm to 26 mm, check the product specification for more info. 

Can i combine IKEAs fronts with de lukk fronts?

Yes, it is possible but we stronlgy recommend that you use the same supplier for all of your fronts

Cen someone help me to plan my kitchen?

Yes! we can help you with your planning, contact us via info@delukk.com and we will help you with your planning

How will my order be delivered?

Fronts will be delivered of palette to your house

Handles will be delivered separatley in a box to your house or to a pick-up station

Samples will be delivered via Regular Mail to your house

What is the delivery time?

Samples 1 - 3 Days (Sweden) and within 7 days (Europe)

Handles 1 - 3 Days (Sweden) and within 7 days (Europe)

Fronts 4 - 5 weeks (Sweden) and within 6 Weeks (Europe)