We at De Lukk believe the devil is in the details, that is why we have decided to create high-end interior fittings for private and public spaces. We strive to create bold products that will enhance any interior space, carefully designed both in-house and by well-known designers.   

All our fittings, whether they are pull-bar handelst-bars, knobs or kitchen fronts for IKEA, are created with standard measurements. Our philosophy is that it should be easy to refine your unique home with bold details for everyday living. 

By using the latest technology and high-quality materials like wood, brass or stainless steel, we try to push the boundaries of bold and unique design that still are affordable.  

De Lukk was founded in 2020 in Sweden by a team of architects, designers and producers. 


MARKUS JOHANSSON DESIGN STUDIO are working in segments of products, furniture, graphic and interior design. Markus Johansson tries to find inspiration from various environments stretching from the human to the artefact, through analyzing and process. Markus vision is to combine construction, function and form to enrich the everyday experience. Environmental thinking is of course important but shouldn´t hinder creativity.

STUDIO STRÖM was founded in 2016 by swedish industrial designer Christian Sjöström and interior architect Elina Bergström. With a holistic approach they develop spatial solutions, furniture and objects meant to be used and experienced over time.

Their process of experimentation with form and material combined with function-driven prototypes leads the duo to create unique designs in which aesthetics and rationality interplay.

NOTCHI ARCHITECTS is a multifaceted architect studio which integrates architecture and visual arts in various scales in different context both public and private. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Notchi is led by Oscar Gillkvist and Carl-Magnus Elander, who work collaboratively with architects, industrial designers, artists and graphic designers. Notchis projects extend from residential housing, interiors, furniture, art projects and exhibitions.